Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Earthquake Vol. 1

Earthquake Mix

In this episode, I play my favorite moombahton tunes back to back with a continuous electronic mix in the fashion of an old school, dj hosted, radio show. I'm just getting used to my radio voice in this episode so bare with me until i get more confident as the show progresses. For more info visit my website at www.darkbottle.com.

Moombahton is a new ground shaking movement in Electronic music history. Show some love and support the musicians & Djs by buying their tracks & going to their shows :) LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Share this clean mix with family and friends :) This mix has a low to high energy peak and is harmonically rearranged.

Ep.1 Earthquake Vol. 1 11/1/2013 *new episode 12/1/2013
In this episode, we hear songs from: 
1. Kegstand (Max le Daron Moombahcore_Cumbahcore refix)
2. Chaavi Mash-Up - David Heartbreak VS. Oktored
3. I Wanna Rock (moombahton Mix)- Oktored
4. Toma Berimau - Munchi
5. Suspects -Bro Safari & ETC!ETC!
6. Ronaissance - Rocha
7. Whine Up Mash-Up (Tiph Mix)- Kat De Luna VS. DJ Shaun D
8. Suit & Tie (FWB's Go Deep Moombahton Remix)- Firebeatz 
9. Lick The Lizard (Audit Remix)- Rusko
10. The Safety Dance (Tiph Mix)- Men Without Hats VS. Viro & Rob Analyze VS Angger Dimas 
11.Original Don (Tiph Edit)- Major Lazer
12. Told Ya- Sandro Silva
13. El Diablo- Kid Cedek, MUST DIE, Sazon Booya 
14. Rolling In The Deep (Tiph Mix)- Adele VS. Beyonce VS. Rocha
15. Party Shot (Remix) - Major Lazer VS. ETC!ETC!
16. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (TMH Moombahcore Bootleg)- Skrillex
17. (Secret Song)- (evil laughing on the inside)
18. Pero Que lo Que Mujer- Munchi
19. I Need A Dollar (Spenda C Moombah Booty)- Aloe Blacc
20. Circus - Steve Starks
21. Love Like This B4 (Tiph Mix) - Faith Evans VS. Joelite
22. Rompe EL Suelo - Sazon Booya
23. Bashin - JWLS
24. Hook- (Will Bailey Remix)- Joachim Garraud
25. Hold Tha Line- ETC!ETC! VS. J Trick
26. Escape Reality (Synchronice Remix) - The Bolivian Marching Affair
27. Largumas- JWLS
28. Gotta Know- Torro Torro
29. End talk