Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Oasis Mix

The Oasis Mix
     If you hadn't noticed, the Earthquake episode should have left you feeling slightly elated & happy, and quite excited. At least, that's what happens to me when I listen to it over and over agin. I made that episode with weight training at the gym, or dancing at a lounge- in mind. I’d even say I reached certain heights of consciousness and feeling due to the fact that I arranged those songs from the Earthquake harmonically, like keys on a piano, and energetically (via energy level of the song), like rungs on a ladder, perfect for keeping every levels high while training or working. This next mix, however, should leave you feeling a calming, yet happy sensation...At least, thats the feeling that I get when I'm cleaning my living room listening to it. In the Oasis mix, I’ve kept the energy pretty even & flat with only a few jumps in energy here and there to keep things interesting. Can you tell when these happen? Enjoying Dark Bottle Radio? Well, you’ll have to listen in, and let me know what you think at with the subject tag: dark bottle radio.

Featured in this is the following artists. Support these artists and Djs by going to their shows and buying their music. I support all of these artists by sharing their music with the rest of the world. Special props to Sabo for making really great edits and music, I appreciate good talent and it shows! Thank you for listening to Dark Bottle Radio by Tiph Hunter. Let’s get started with a continuously mixed radio podcast featuring electronic music and moombahton. 

This is a free monthly radio podcast released every 1st of the month. Feel free to subscribe if you like what you hear.

1. Hey Hey (SaboMoombahtonEdit)- DennisFerrer
2. Doin Ya Thang (Sabo & Tiph Edit)- Oliver $ feat. Moodyman
3. Herbal Cake (The Revenge Rubdown)- SPACE RANGER
4. Spock's DeeeLite - Sabo
5. Bestia (Stereo77Remix)- Empresarios
6. Devoted Moombahton- Sabo
7. Moombahma-(munchi-edit)- DavidHeartbreak
8. Cuban Queen (Sabo's Moombahton Edit)- Gonzalez & Gonzalo
9. La Mania (Sabo's Corto Edit)- Billy the Grant
10. Cubia- Jon Kwest
11. Esa Loca Cumbia - Sabo & Cassady
12. Guantanamera (TiphMix110BPM)- CeliaCruz_VS_DES
13. Dribble Drabble- Lazerdisk Party Sex
14. Hey (Heartbreak Edit)- David Heartbreak
15. Planet Rock (Sabo/Elektric Remix)- African Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force
16. Gracias (TiphMixed&Mashed)- Munchi 
17. Bateria (Rishi's Moombahton Mix)- Rishi Romero, MC Knowledje -
18. Big Bad Wolf (Toddla T remix Sabo Edit)- Duck Sauce
19. Go Down Low (Neki Stranac & Tiph Remix Mash-up)- The Party Squad
20. Nod Your Head- Chuck Lepley 
21. Check This Out! (Original Moombahton Edit)- EklekTek 
22. La Brasilenna Ta Montao- Munchi
23. Broken Hearts (Dillon Francis Remix)- Kito & Reija
24. La Bomba- Sazon Booya
25. Rocky Theme (Moombahton Remix)- Team Bayside High
26. Jump (Dirt Monkey Remix)- Maksim
27. End


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Earthquake Vol. 1

Earthquake Mix

In this episode, I play my favorite moombahton tunes back to back with a continuous electronic mix in the fashion of an old school, dj hosted, radio show. I'm just getting used to my radio voice in this episode so bare with me until i get more confident as the show progresses. For more info visit my website at

Moombahton is a new ground shaking movement in Electronic music history. Show some love and support the musicians & Djs by buying their tracks & going to their shows :) LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Share this clean mix with family and friends :) This mix has a low to high energy peak and is harmonically rearranged.

Ep.1 Earthquake Vol. 1 11/1/2013 *new episode 12/1/2013
In this episode, we hear songs from: 
1. Kegstand (Max le Daron Moombahcore_Cumbahcore refix)
2. Chaavi Mash-Up - David Heartbreak VS. Oktored
3. I Wanna Rock (moombahton Mix)- Oktored
4. Toma Berimau - Munchi
5. Suspects -Bro Safari & ETC!ETC!
6. Ronaissance - Rocha
7. Whine Up Mash-Up (Tiph Mix)- Kat De Luna VS. DJ Shaun D
8. Suit & Tie (FWB's Go Deep Moombahton Remix)- Firebeatz 
9. Lick The Lizard (Audit Remix)- Rusko
10. The Safety Dance (Tiph Mix)- Men Without Hats VS. Viro & Rob Analyze VS Angger Dimas 
11.Original Don (Tiph Edit)- Major Lazer
12. Told Ya- Sandro Silva
13. El Diablo- Kid Cedek, MUST DIE, Sazon Booya 
14. Rolling In The Deep (Tiph Mix)- Adele VS. Beyonce VS. Rocha
15. Party Shot (Remix) - Major Lazer VS. ETC!ETC!
16. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (TMH Moombahcore Bootleg)- Skrillex
17. (Secret Song)- (evil laughing on the inside)
18. Pero Que lo Que Mujer- Munchi
19. I Need A Dollar (Spenda C Moombah Booty)- Aloe Blacc
20. Circus - Steve Starks
21. Love Like This B4 (Tiph Mix) - Faith Evans VS. Joelite
22. Rompe EL Suelo - Sazon Booya
23. Bashin - JWLS
24. Hook- (Will Bailey Remix)- Joachim Garraud
25. Hold Tha Line- ETC!ETC! VS. J Trick
26. Escape Reality (Synchronice Remix) - The Bolivian Marching Affair
27. Largumas- JWLS
28. Gotta Know- Torro Torro
29. End talk